The AC Milan red and black uniform is recognized worldwide. Their home uniform consists of the famous red and black vertical stripes, while they sport all white for their away uniform. It is said that the red represents the teams “fire”, while the black represents their opponents fear. The team’s nickname is “rossoneri” from the Italian words for red and black. There is no limit to the ways a Milan fan can show support for the team, as retailers worldwide have much to offer. From replica jerseys, to full replica kits, to team scarves and hats, the best dressed fans can always find the right red and black attire.

The team logo or badge was originally the flag from Milan which consisted of a red cross on a white background. There was a time in the club’s history where they used a red devil as part of their logo. This was in homage to one of the team nicknames, il Diavolo, meaning ‘the devil’, a name given to the team in reference to their devil-like colors of red and black. Currently, the team sports a badge containing the stripes for their team colors, along side the Milano flag, with the letters ACM across the top, and the year they were founded, 1899, along the bottom.